Mediation and Consulting Services

Asteos provides consultancy services to businesses and investors. The company offers such services as strategic research and analysis, market entry studies, customer research, performance improvement, and acquisition and investment searches. Clients come from the construction, health care, technology, media, consumer goods, automotive, logisticsand industrial products industries. By seeking to understand the critical issues facing our clients’ businesses, we are able to competencies. Bring together teams of industry and technical experts who work to create the exact solution that meets the needs of our clients. It is important to us that we maintain high ethical standards and deliver on our commitments.

Distribution and Retail

Our focus is to support and enhance our clients' sales and marketing efforts with a dedicated team of professionals experienced in designing and implementing state of the marketing programs. Asteos works with clients that serve various markets and channels of distribution across Buigaria and the region. Regardless of the challenge, our focus is always the same – deliver innovative marketing solutions, on time and within budget.

The company implements marketing initiatives at both the retail and business to business channels of distribution. Our business is based on the principles of total quality management (TQM) and Six Sigma, thus ensuring compliance near perfect execution of all programs.

Asteos representatives are professional communicators originating in strategic corporate marketing, sales, training, merchandising and retailing. Asteos representatives are professional communicators with backgrounds in strategic corporate marketing, sales, teachingand retail merchandising. They possess excellent interpersonal skills, are extremely computer literate and are fully equipped to electronically communicate with clients and Asteos management anytime and anywhere.